Govt buildings undergoing re-construction

Biratnagar, July 3:

The reconstruction of over two dozens of government offices, which were destroyed or damaged during the Maoist conflict, has started in Morang and Sunsari districts.

The construction work is financed by the Reconstruction and Maintenance Programme Fund of the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction.

According to Biratnagar-based Urban Housing and Building Division Office, a total of 78 government offices were damaged or destroyed during the conflict in the two districts.

Some of the buildings need minor repair while most of them need major reconstruction.

The ministry has released Rs 10 million for the purpose, UHBDO chief Shyam DC said, adding, the construction would be carries out at first in Biratnagar and Inaruwa.

Meanwhile, the Morang District Technical Office has started the reconstruction and repair of nine VDC buildings that were damaged during the conflict, chief of the office Prakash Thapa said.

Of 65 VDCs in Morang district, 40 VDC buildings were damaged, Thapa said, adding that the reconstruction was going on in Bardanga, Pokhariya, Jhorahat, Amardaha, Mothipur, Darbesha, Tetari, Yangsila and Tandi VDCs. The work was initiated in the VDCs after the ministry released Rs 45 lakh, KC said.