Govt can take action against stir suppressors, says Aryal

Kathmandu, November 19:

Former Supreme Court Justice and the Convenor of the Interim Constitution Drafting Committee, Laxman Prasad Aryal, today said that government can take action against those who suppressed Jana Andolan II by promulgating a new law.

“This is not a normal situation, so promulgation of a new law will authorise the government to take actions against those who used excessive force to suppress the April movement,” Aryal said. He said questions might arise over promulgation of a law with retrospective effect but in situations like this promulgation of such law can be justified.

Aryal said this while delivering a lecture at a workshop on administrative law, organised by the students of Masters in Public Administration, first year.

Aryal said consensus among all the political forces is necessary to take actions against those found guilty of using force to suppress movement, as stated in the report prepared by the High-Level Investigation Commission.

Implementation of regular law is not sufficient to resolve serious problems in the country, he said.

Registrar of the Supreme Court, Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena, said promulgation of a law with retrospective effect can pave way to take actions against anyone responsible for carrying out any crime in the past.