Govt not serious about holding poll: Mahesh Acharya

Biratnagar, July 22:

Nepali Congress central member Mahesh Acharya today said that the government was not serious to hold the election to the constituent assembly.

Speaking at a seminar organised by the Nepali Congress Morang district unit to mark the 26th BP Memorial Day here today, he said the government failed to prioritise the task of holding CA poll. Months have passed since the announcement of the CA election but the government bodies are not seen to be active on the issue, he said. Stating that the government has failed to coordinate with the political parties, he said, “The government has not been able to push ahead anything related with the CA poll. It is a serious mistake on the part of the government.” At the time when the issue of CA election should have gripped the nation, the people do not seem much interested on the matter, he said.

He conceded that his party has failed to frame a strategy for the upcoming CA poll. Although his party favours republic, the people are still confused over it.

Recalling that Nepali Congress has continued to fight against the monarch since 1952, he said, “BP had said from his deathbed that the fighting against the monarch has not ended.”

“Nepali Congress plans to move ahead with democracy sans king’s shadow and influence,” Acharya said adding: “Maoists say they are republicans, but looking at their claim it seems that they have relationship with the king.”

Another NC central member Chakra Banstola said Nepali Congress at present has not launched any move in support of the king.