Govt offices sans chiefs for years

ACHHAM: Service seekers have been hit hard after most of the government offices in Achham district are without their chiefs since the beginning of the fiscal.

The situation in some of the offices is beyond one's imagination as their chiefs are absent for several years. Land Revenue Office, Nepal Telecom and District Education Office have not been attended by the office chiefs for as many as four years.

The chiefs of other offices, who had gone their homes after closing the last fiscal's activities, are yet to join their duties.

More than a month has passed since the beginning of the new fiscal.

The junior level officers, who are serving as acting chiefs, have not been given full authority which has stalled locals' various official and important chores.

The developmental activities being carried out by the government are also affected in the absence of the office chiefs.

District Development Committee has just a officer level employee. Three officers, including the Local Development Officer, are out of the district.

Similarly, chief and other two senior officers are absent in Agriculture Development Office.

"I'm informed that the chief will join the office after 10 days," a peon in the agriculture office said.

Similarly, the chiefs of Government Lawyer’s Office, Postal Office, Women Development Office, Drinking Water and Sanitation Office, District Prison and Small and Cottage Industries are absent since mid-July. District Forest Office, District Technical Office, Nepal Food Corporation also sans their heads.

Assistant CDO of Achham, Dilliram Bhattarai, said that he would now inspect the offices.