Govt preparing to announce provincial chiefs: Leader Khand

KATHMANDU: The Nepali Congress central member Bal Krishna Khand said the government has initiated internal preparations to announce provincial chiefs.

Speaking at an interaction programme in the Capital on Tuesday, leader Khand said the government would announce interim provincial headquarters to sworn in newly elected state members.

"Government is preparing to announce provincial head, it would have been announced earlier, had newly elected left alliance leaders not declined to take oath from government appointed provincial chiefs," Khand shared.

"After major parties meeting, leftist parties urged the government to fulfill its responsibility of appointing provincial head, we have initiated the procedure," former minister added.

"We have given our opinion to the government to appoint social figures who have contributed for the society and nation," Khand added.

However, the NC leaders and cadres would suggest PM Deuba led government to refrain away from taking these decisions. "People wishes that the government would appoint right candidates to leave a positive mark,".

"PM Sher Bahadur Deuba is likely to appoint provincial chiefs at the earliest," Khand shared.