Minister of State for Health and Population Umesh Shrestha has said that 20 million doses of vaccines will arrive in the country by mid-October, of which 9.7 million have already been received.

In the coming two weeks, 1.6 million doses of Vero cell and 1.6 million of Astra Zeneca vaccines will arrive.

"Process for procurement has been initiated to bring 4 million doses of Moderna vaccine for children, 5 million Johnson & Johnson company vaccine, 4 million Pfizer vaccine and 2 million Astrazeneca vaccine", he said. By mid-January next year, 32.3 million doses of vaccines will have been brought to the country.

Making public a 23-point policy commitments and action plan on public health and pandemic control at the Ministry today, he said that his topmost priority is the management of COVID-19 vaccines.

Furthermore, procurement of vaccines, its storage and inoculation, as well as free and accessible treatment of the COVID-19 infected are current priorities of the Ministry.

He also said that separate task forces have been constituted to address the recent incidents that have been reported in the BP Cancer Hospital in Chitwan, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan and Bir hospital in Kathmandu.

"Arrangement would be made to provide vaccination certificates from all the government hospitals in the country."

Minister of State Shrestha also said that a time table including an action plan and special strategy will soon be made public to address the possible third wave of COVID-19.