Govt residential schools sought for remote Gorkha

GORKHA: reparations are going on to establish residential schools in seven remote VDCs in the northern parts of the district. A meeting of the committee held recently decided to establish such schools in Sirdibas, Samagaun, Lo, Prok, Bihi, Chunchet and Chhekpar VDCs.

According to District Education Office, the office will propose the Department of Education for the establishment of such schools in the area. The representatives of the education committee, political parties, teachers’ unions said that the meeting decided to provide education opportunity to students of those remote areas by setting up residential schools.

One of the participants of the meeting, Sudarsan Khadka said that they have decided to demand Rs 1.7 million with the education department for developing such schools in the area. He added that the estimated budget for one such school is Rs 4 million.

Baburam Devkota, section officer, DEO, said, a decision to merge all the schools of a VDC into one was also made. He added, “We have decided to establish a residential school in each VDC after merging all the schools in the VDC into one.’’ The authorities felt necessity of such schools for the children in the area thronged to Buddhist monasteries for education.

Lumnath Lamichhane, chairman, District Teachers’ Union, said that families in the area cannot afford for the education of their children. The children of the area are compelled to work as child labour. Bir Bahadur Gurung, chairman, All Nepal Teachers’ Union, said, “Most of the children are engaged in household works and others go to Buddhist Monasteries for education.”

There are 24 schools in seven VDCs in the northern part of the district. Most of the schools remain closed due to absence of teachers and students. However, those who want to study and are economically sound go elsewhere