Govt soon ratifying SSP: Rawal

KATHMANDU: In a bid to maintain a law and order situation in the country, the government is speedily preparing working schedule for the ratification of the much-hyped Special Security Plan -2066 BS, said Home Minister Bhim Bahadur Rawal at a programme organised by the Reporters’ Club in the capital.

The action plan includes, among other things, controlling transport and other public services hindrances, curbing abduction and other criminal activities, formation of special action plan for the Valley and improve security situation in the Terai as well as the eastern and the mid- western hills.

Minister Rawal also said there are at least 109 different armed outfits operating in the country implicating serious setbacks to the country’s worsening security situation. The government is seriously engaged in identifying and tracking down such groups, he added.

First we need to distinguish the genuine political parties from those having altogether criminal motives, the minister stressed, saying that the government would initiate dialogue with the former ones where as it would take a hard line on the latter.

The Council of Ministers on Wednesday had endorsed the costly security strategy that would cost the government an additional sum of Rs 3.75 billion.