Govt to ensure early settlement of cases

Gaighat, November 29

Attorney General Agni Prasad Kharel said the government was making preparations to adopt the provision of continuous hearing for early settlement of criminal cases.

“We’ve witnessed a spike in cases related to rape, sexual violence and abduction of late, and the provision aims to minimise such crimes ultimately by facilitating early settlement of such cases,” said the attorney general, inaugurating the District Attorney Office in Gaighat, Udayapur, today.

“As delay in settling such cases leaves chances of undue pressure and threat to the victim’s family, we hope prompt settlement of cases would help minimise such malpractices,” Kharel said.

The AG also asked the local and the provincial governments to be careful while chalking up laws so that they do not contradict with the federal laws.

The three-storey building was constructed at the cost of Rs 22.9 million. The building has a total of 25 rooms. Gitanjali Shaktikunda JV Gaighat had bagged the contract for construction of the building.