Kathmandu, November 15:

Assistant Minister of Education and Sports, Senate Shrestha, has said that the government is doing homework to arrive at an early and amicable solution to problems facing temporary teachers.

It may be noted that 24,000 temporary teachers have been teaching in different public schools across the nation. With the objective of making the teachers who pass the tests permanent, the Teachers’ Service Commission had taken examinations some time ago. The government plans to make only 50 per cent of the temporary teachers permanent.

Demanding that all temporary teachers be made permanent, the temporary teachers had taken to the streets on last Friday.

“The ministry is doing homework to solve the problems of genuine temporary teachers, who have been serving for so long,” Shrestha said at an interaction held at the ministry today. “At the same time, checking and monitoring works should be done to find false certificate holders.”

He said that quality of education had eroded due to the involvement of teachers and students in politics.

Shrestha added that the government is serious in solving the problem caused by school closures in the eastern region.

Stating that the results of the teachers exams will be published soon, Chuman Singh Basnet, the secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports, said the government will also address the grievances of the teachers who fail the tests.

The Education secretary said that a draft of nationalistic education has been prepared.

“The curriculum for higher education will also be made to complement the need of the 21 century,” said Basnet. He said that the university umbrella act has been forwarded to the Cabinet.

The MoES also announced that it will establish two technical schools and two multi-skill technical colleges in two districts each. These schools will regular and short-term training to 7,100 and 23,555 people.