Govt vehicles misused in police officer's wedding in Sindhuli

Sindhulimadhi, Dec 14

It is learnt that government vehicles were misused in the wedding of DSP Bimal Ghimire, who is the chief of the National Investigation Office, Sindhuli.

DSP Ghimire of Biratnagar sub-metropolis-13, Morang tied the knot with Prabita Sharma of Kamalamai municipality-5 amidst a function on Monday. But the auspicious occasion drew controversy for misuse of government vehicles.

According to sources, a jeep used by Assistant Chief District Officer Basu Prasad Kafle was found carrying a musical band. Upon being asked, Assistant CDO Kafle, however, refused to comment. “I won’t say anything now,” said Kafle, who also attended the wedding function.

On his part, Local Development Officer Shiva Humagain of Sindhuli described the use of government vehicle for a private function as unlawful.

Interestingly enough, LDO Humagain himself had gone to participate in the wedding party riding a government vehicle. “But I’ve come only to congratulate him,” said the LDO, who had driven a Prado bearing white registration plate to the wedding.

However, it was not only the LDO, who was found riding a government vehicle. Other government officials, including the chiefs and staffers of the District Education Office, had also gone to the attend the wedding riding government vehicles, that too during office hours.

Similarly, Nepal Army Brigadier General Pradip Adhikari, among others, also went to the wedding function riding a government vehicle and in uniform.