Govt withdraws Constitution Amendment Bill from House

KATHMANDU: The government on Tuesday withdrew the Constitution Amendment Bill, registered on November 29, 2016, from the Parliament.

Law Minister Ajaya Shankar Nayak's proposal to withdraw the bill was endorsed unanimously by the Parliament.

A meeting of the Cabinet yesterday had decided to withdraw the bill and register a new one today.

The new bill proposes to resolve the issue of provincial boundaries through a federal commission, and not to grant voting rights to the chiefs and deputy chiefs of local levels in presidential election.

Earlier, while floating the proposal, Minister Nayak asked the opposition parties, who protested the bill after it was brought in, to be responsible and support a new bill.

CPN-UML protests

CPN-UML lawmakers briefly obstructed the House proceedings today, protesting the attack on the party leaders' properties in Tarai districts.

Rabindra Adhikari drew the Speaker's attention towards recent attack on lawmaker Satyanarayan Mandal's house in Saptari. He accused the Prime Minister and the Home Minister of indifference. They but smile when UML leaders are targeted in the Tarai region, he said.

In her ruling, Speaker Onsari Gharti told the government to inform the House about the incident.

Madhesi parties walk out

Lawmakers of Madhesi parties protested the new amendment proposal, and walked out of the Parliament.

They said they will not accept the proposal that will dodge the issue of provincial boundaries.

House adjourned for eight days

Speaker Onsari Gharti has adjourned the House for eight days.

The next meeting  of Parliament has been scheduled for 1 pm on April 19.


(With inputs from Rupesh Acharya)