GPK shoots from the hip at PM

Itahari, October 26:

Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala today accused Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ of heading towards wrong direction by breaching the past agreements and culture of consensus.

Speaking at a programme organised in Inaruwa today, Koirala accused Prachanda and the Maoists of abusing people in the name of nationalism. “Abusing others won’t make anyone a nationalist. You should safeguard the interests of the nation if you want to be a nationalist,” Koirala said. Saying that he had been repeatedly urging the PM to mend his ways, Koirala said the constitution writing process would have already begun if the Maoists had respected the past agreements. “I brought the Maoists to the peace process by putting my six-decade-long political career at stake. But the Maoists are forgetting the history,” Koirala said, adding that Maoists were brought to the peace process only through the national reconciliation principle propounded by late BP Koirala.

“I have a dream of a peace, democratic and sovereign Nepal where human rights and individual freedom are respected,” Koirala said, adding, “It is paradoxical that the Maoists are opposing the parliamentary system by means of which they have come so far.” He also accused Prachanda of talking about outdated things. “He talks about fusion of communism and democracy. But the fusion had taken long ago. Socialism is the fusion of democracy and communism,” he said.

Meanwhile, Koirala today met with the victims of the Sapta Koshi floods in Bharadaha of Sunsari and assured them of taking immediate initiatives to solve their problems. The victims urged Koirala to take initiatives to resettle the victims and provide them with due compensation.