GPK slams Maoists’ idea of integration

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress President, Girija Prasad Koirala, today dismissed the recently-floated idea of the Maoists for integrating their combatants only after writing the new constitution.

“I reckon they are heading towards disorientation,” he said, addressing a programme organised by Nepal Students’ Union on the occasion of 27th BP memorial day.

“Armed rebellion alone doesn’t fulfil the political goal. It needs democratic exercise, which Maoist Chairman Prachanda and his party lack,” Koirala told while addressing his party cadres at the City Hall.

He recalled that the NC

had evolved through an armed struggle but had adopted democratic measures after its success.

“Prachandaji allures me with his talk but acts contrary to what he says,” said the octogenarian leader. “He has a tendency to disrespect those who help him.”

Koirala urged Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to maintain his dignity as the PM, and not to be demoralised by the Maoists calling him a loser.

The former premier also warned the second-generation leaders to be cautious while selecting leadership in the general convention. “You will fail if you don’t take into confidence the young generation.” He said his future relied on the students’ activities and asked them not to bow before any force.

“There are only two castes — the rich and the poor — in Nepal. Our attempts, while writing the constitution, should be to bridge the gap between the two,” Koirala said, addressing another programme organised by Nepal Trade Union Congress.

“Politics of caste will lead nowhere,” said Koirala, hinting at Maoist and some other parties, which are lobbying for caste-based state restructuring. “It’s the reality that Brahmins are exploited by Brahmins and Dalits by Dalits.”

He said following BP’s policy of national reconciliation would help Nepal

tide over the present state of conflict.