Biratnagar, February 6:

Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala today said the ordinances brought yesterday by the government would not be accepted at any cost as they were decided to issue by neglecting the democratic process.

Talking to the journalists at his residence here this evening, the former Prime Minister said, “The government should not bring any ordinance now. I am against it. They are not acceptable at any cost.” Koirala said the government was busy carrying out tyrannical activities day by day. “The Prime Minister is engaged in deceiving the people and he intends to impose an authoritarian rule,” he added.

“The government prorogued the parliamentary session, stating that there was no job for the parliament, but it brought the ordinances just two weeks after the Parliament session was prorogued,” he said, adding that, “This is totally anti-democratic and tyrannical move.”

“The parliament was running. Why was it necessary to prorogue it if the government had been planning to issue ordinances?” Koirala asked.

The Maoist activities were not different from the former kings’ activities, Koirala said.

“The Maoists are targeting mainly press freedom through frequent attacks on media. A tyrannical government always attacks the media first. I know well about the characteristics of a totalitarian. There is no difference between the character of the previous kings and the Maoists.”

Koirala further said the Maoists were also planning to attack the Judiciary and political parties to finish them off. He reiterated that he had been fighting for the press freedom for 60 years and would not compromise with any party on the issue. Koirala will return to Kathmandu on Sunday.