This image shows a common leopard gecko, one of the species of lizard found for the first time in Kamdi Corridor in Banke district, on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. Photo: National Trust for Nature Conservation via RSS
KATHMANDU: Common leopard gecko, one of the species of lizard has been found inhabiting the plainlands of Nepal. The reptile animal with the scientific name 'Eublepharis macularius', is a ground-dwelling lizard, which was first found in Kamdi corridor in Banke district in course of the study about biodiversity. The lizard belonging to the Eublepharidae family has been named 'Baghe Mausuli' in Nepali. According to reptile expert Karan Shah, with the record of this reptile which is new for Nepal, one new family has been added to the Reptilia class. This is the 11th species of lizard found in Nepal and so far 38 species of lizard are recorded across the world. This reptile is also found in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Unlike other species of lizard, it cannot climb up smooth surfaces as it does not have toe pads. Moreover, it is crepuscular in nature; active during twilight. Besides Kamdi, it has been found in Sunwal, Nawalparasi and Gurbhakot of Surkhet and lately at Kusum area along the Banke National Park, said National Trust for Nature Conservation’s conservation officer Santosh Bhattarai. A team comprising Shuklaphanta National Park’s ranger Yam Bahadur Rawat, reptiles experts Shah and Kul Bahadur Thapa and Trust’s conservation officer Bhattarai confirmed the habitation of the animal in Nepal. American Journal Reptiles and Amphibians published the news on Monday. (With inputs from Rastriya Samachar Samiti)