Gyawali stresses need to find agreeable boundary alignment


Minister of Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali today said in New Delhi that finding an agreeable boundary alignment in the remaining segments might not only take Nepal and India to the stage of fully settled international boundary, but might also help generate positive vibes, as well as help instil greater degree of trust and confidence in bilateral ties.

Addressing a gathering at the Indian Council of World Affairs, Gyawali said, “I believe that we can work out and reach that stage.”

While both sides have agreed to resolve the boundary issues through talks, we have also shown wisdom that despite the differences in one area, the momentum of our overall engagements is continued, he added. “We are also mindful that we should not let any outstanding issue between us be there forever and become irritant in an otherwise friendly relationship,” FM Gyawali said.

Gyawali said the government recently took a decision to go to the sovereign people for a fresh mandate.

“These elections will be yet another important occasion for expressing popular will and further strengthening our democratic foundation,” Gyawali added.

The minister said one of the tasks assigned to eminent persons group was the task of recommending the inputs for the review of past treaties and agreement, including the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1950.

“We have agreed to revise, adjust and update the treaty to better reflect the current reality and to further consolidate and expand our friendship.

We need to do it sooner than later,” he added.

To conclude, our conviction is unwavering that Nepal-India friendship stands on a robust foundation, he said.

Minister Gyawali further said, “Our connection is deep and engagement comprehensive. Yet we should be mindful equally that healthy relations require continuous nurturing, creative thinking, promptness and readiness to understand each other in changing dynamics. I am sure we have that competence.”