Hailstorm damages crops in Lamjung  

LAMJUNG: A continuous three-day hailstorm rampage has damaged the crops planted by Lamjung farmers.

Crops in Rainas, Chiti, Gaun-Shahar, Besi-Shahar, Dhodeni, Phaleni, Borletar, among other places have been destroyed by the constant hailstorm.

The storm has caused damaged to Rainas-5, Tinpiple resident Bal Bahadur Bhatta’s maize farm spread over an area on 5 ropanis. Likewise, it has also affected another Tinpiple resident, Mekh Bahadur Bhandari’s banana trees cultivated in 20 ropanis land.

Bhesh Nath Panthi from  Rainas, Timure says the hailstorms have completely spoiled the villager’s plantations which has utterly saddened them.

Similarly, Ramesh Raj Panta from Chiti is miserable owing to the spoils caused by the storm. He suffered a loss of around 50,000 cardamom plants. Along with that, the orange trees have also been struck by the storm, causing a damage of around 2.5 million rupees in total.

Sundar Bazar’s Devi Prasad Pokhrel said the hails caused damages to his vegetable garden spread across two ropanis and maize plantation on six ropanis land.

The weather has been fairly unpredictable throughout the country of late which has affected lives of people.