Haliya kids left to fend for themselves

Bajura, April 24

Two haliya children at Kalshil of Budhinanda Municipality in Bajura were abandoned after their father died and mother eloped.

The kids’ father Lali Luwar died due to tuberculosis four years ago while their mother Jaumati abandoned them a year ago.

Samana Luwar, 8, and Laxman Luwar, 5, have been left high and dry.

The children are now completely dependent on their 63-year-old grandfather Gagane. Gagane is compelled to plough the fields of his landlord even in his old age to earn a living for his family. He said that he had been struggling to manage two square meal a day for his grandchildren and himself. “I lost my son as I could not afford the expenses for his treatment,” he added.

Gagane said that he could not send the kids to school due to poor financial condition. “My grandchildren have yet to see school,” he said.