Haliya settlement at high risk of landslides in Bajura

BAJURA: As many as 19 families of a Haliya settlement in Bajura district are at high risk of landslides.

The families have been spending their nights in neighbours' cowsheds for the past few weeks.

They have been forced to take shelter in cowsheds after landslides posed a threat to their houses.

Though all 140 families in the settlement are at risk of landslides, mainly 19 families are at high risk.

Locals are living in a fear that similar havoc as of May 31, 2012 may repeat this year as well, Piuli BK, a local shared.

Landslides in 2012 had killed four people and displaced many families.

“We had spent most of the nights without sleep and in constant fear,” BK said.

“As we do not have other alternative, we have been forced to live in a half caved-in house,” Mana BK bemoaned.

Pipal Dali of the district is at high risk of landslides, he informed.

Geologists have also suggested concerned authorities to relocate the people of Pipal Dali to a safer place.

Brahamtola, Ammakot, Bajedi, Jagannath, Saune Gaun and Kalapani of Kailashmandu are at high risk of landslides.

Haliya is an agricultural bonded labour who works on another person’s land.