Kathmandu: Hindus across the country are celebrating the 'Harishayani Ekadashi' today on Asar Shukla Ekadashi by observing a fast and planting Tulsi plants. The devotees worship to lord Vishnu hoping to get their wishes being fulfilled.

Hindu scholar Madhav Prasad Sapkota said that Harishayani Ekadashi has a great importance in Vedic Sanatan religion and culture.

The four-month-long fasting season known as Chaturmas begins from the Harishayani Ekadashi. Sapkota said that it is the best job to serve the Tulsi plants in Chaturmas period adding that the God dwells in the house of devotees who plant the Tulsi plants.

It is believed that lord Vishnu would be in deep slumber and wakes up after four months on the day of Haribodhani Ekadashi.

As per the religious beliefs, feeding and offering the Brahmins are considered the holy jobs to salvage oneself from the past sins.

On the occasion, religious fairs take place in Sesh Narayan Temple in Pharping and and at Budhanilkantha.