‘Health desk at Rani border ineffective’

Biratnagar, March 16

Province 1 government in coordination with the local government has established a health desk at Rani Border of Biratnagar to prevent possible spread of coronavirus, but the parliamentary committee of Province 1 said preparations were not enough to control the virus spread.

The Social Development Committee, which reached Rani Border today for monitoring, informed that the preparations for maintaining the health desk were not enough.

Chairman of the committee Sarita Thapa urged all to make the monitoring effective by adding more health workers at the health desk on the border.

The health desk was established in Rani-Jogbani border on March 5. However, health workers said they felt they were unsafe when suspected persons came near them. The health desk has not been able carry out the necessary tests due to mass movement at the border.

Health workers at the desk said they were scared when people with fever approached them for test.