Health-posts in tents due to lack of infrastructure

DHADING: Rural health posts ravaged by the April Earthquake of 2015 in the district have not yet been reconstructed forcing medical services to be delivered from tents.

Unlike urban areas, no steps have been taken to reconstruct the health posts in rural areas of the district.

Despite government's declaration to priortise reconstruction of medical facilities and related infrastructures, no progress has been made. Although government policies state to immediately reconstruct buildings of health organisations, the services are being delivered with additional hassles from makeshift shelters, health workers informed.

According to Bishnu Rijal, Public Health Inspector at District Health Office, Darkha Health Post in Khaniyabas Rural Municipality has not been reconstructed due to contractor's complacency.

Moreover, not only Darkha but other health posts have also reported construction works being carried out at snail's pace.

The April Earthquake of 2015 had destroyed 49 health posts in the district.