Health posts in Rupa RM to set up labs

Pokhara, January 17

The special assembly of Rupa Rural Municipality has decided to set up labs in all the health posts of the rural municipality.

Chair of the rural municipality Nabaraj Ojha said the assembly had also made slight amendment to the programme and policy of 2017-18.

A lab has already been established at Deurali Health Post of the rural municipality. A plan is to be implemented to set up a lab in Rupakot Health Post within this fiscal. “Since construction of some health post buildings is on, we will set up labs in those health posts as soon as the construction work is over,” Ojha added.

As per Ojha, installing a lab at one health post costs half-a-million rupees. Ojha said the assembly had decided to install the labs so that locals some relief from travelling a long distance for even minor lab tests.

The rural municipality assembly has decided to pass the map of thatched houses of quake victims for free. “We have made arrangement to pass the maps of thatched houses for free and pass the maps of concrete houses at subsidised price,” Ojha said.

The rural municipality has set the target of completing ‘One house, one tap’ campaign within two years. “We have planned to provide drinking water tap to every household within two years,” he added.

Though Rupa Rural Municipality has 3,700 families, only 1,000 households have water taps at their doorsteps.

The assembly has also formulated plans to develop health infrastructure.