Health sector is the most irresponsible: CM Poudel

HETAUDA: Chief Minister of Province 3 Dor Mani Poudel has remarked that the health sector of the country is the most irresponsible.

Saying that the sector has been the weakest because of prevailing mal-practices, the Chief Minister stressed for reformations in the sector.

Speaking at a discussion programme organised by Health and Population Ministry at Hetauda, CM Poudel said that many health offices are defunct in the country.

“In spite of the pride assertion of wealthiest province, Province 3 has health centres operated solely by clerks,” said CM Poudel. “To make health services easily accessible to general people, it is imperative for the sector to undergo reforms.”

It is the irresponsibility showed by health centres that force thousands of people in rural areas to seek services from temporary health camps, the Chief Minister added.

Citing that the health institutions were facing problems at the policy level, CM Poudel said, “Although we have polices governing the sector we fall behind in implementation.”

Moreover, the Chief Minister expressed anger over doctors in the government hospitals working for private clinics.

Remarking that the doctors were not fully committed, CM Poudel questioned, “How will general folks get services if the doctors on government payroll work at private clinics?”

Stressing on the need for reform in the sector, the Chief Minister said that implementation of the prevalent rules governing the sector is imperative.