Heaps of sand, gravel blocking road, causing accidents

Banke, October 24:

Piles of construction materials heaped on the New road in Nepalgunj have been causing accidents and inconvenience to pedestrians. These materials have also caused damage to the road, which was constructed with huge investment.

Nepalgunj Municipal Development Committee (NMDC) is worried that these heaps of construction materials will damage the recently-repaired road.

The NMDC has repaired the road with an investment of two millions rupees, said Balkrishna Shrestha, head of the NMDC.

“Construction materials like cement, sand, gravel and water damage the road easily. We constructed the roads. The Nepalgunj municipality should protect it.”

Shreshtha demanded that the persons who heap construction materials on the road be punished.

But executive officer of the Nepalgunj municipality, Bharat Sharma, said, “The municipality does not have the full responsibility to protect the road as the NMDC has not handed over that right.”

“The persons who heap construction materials on the road are responsible for the damage.”

Nepalgunj municipality and the NMDC both seem to be irresponsible. Because of the irresponsibility on the part of the two authorities, a large sum of money is being invested in road maintenance. Construction materials piled on the road cause accidents, the Banke District Traffic Office said, urging the municipality to control this activity at the earliest.