Heaven Water Park becoming popular

Jhapa, August 18

Fish reared in Heaven Water Park, a fish farm, are gaining popularity in Jhapa.

The fish farm operated by Birtamod Municipality Mayor Dhruba Siwakoti has become a model fish farm for the farmers interested in fish farming.

Mayor Siwakoti had started fish farming in 16 bigahas of land some two years ago.

The fish produced in the park fulfill one fourth of the total fish demand in Jhapa in a short period of time.  According to Siwakoti, the water park produced 250 metric tonnes of fish last fiscal.

The park is rearing various species of the fish, including rohu, grass carp, common carp.

According to a fish specialist  at Gauradaha Agriculture Office Pradip Shrestha, the district is producing 1,050 metric tonnes of the fish in a year. However, the district consumes 2,000 metric tonnes of fish.

Fish produced in the park are supplied to Jhapa, Ilam, Morang, and Sunsari. Locals have to queue up to buy fish in the district. Seven vehicles are used to supply fish produced in the park to different villages and towns.

Big water body and gardens maintained at the park have also attracted tourists. Hundreds of people visit the water park for sightseeing and rejuvenation.

Park director Bidhya Siwakoti said that park a restaurant had been operated on the premises of the park. The restaurant offers 55 fish delicacies.

Mayor Siwakoti said that they had launched a campaign to make Jhapa self-dependant in fish in next five years. “We are focusing on making Jhapa self-reliant in fish,” Siwakoti added.