Heavy snow affects lives in west, far-west hilly regions

BAJURA: Heavy snow has affected the lives of locals following a sudden change in the weather in various parts of western and far-western mountainous and hilly regions.

The region has been seeing heavy snowfall since Thursday evening. A further dip in the mercury along with the snowfall has affected the everyday activities of people in Bajhang, Humla, Jumla, Mugu, Bajura, Darchula and Achham among other districts of Sudur-Paschim Province and Karnali Province.

Himali Rural Municipality, Budhinanda Municipality, Chhededaha Rural Municipality, Swamikartik Rural Municipality and Jagannath Rural Municipality of Bajura district have been affected. In addition to the inconvenience, the vehicular movement from Martadi to Kolti in the northern part of the district has come to a halt due to heavy snow in the highlands of Porakhe located between Pandusain and Martadi. Locals said they were unable to step out and indulge in everyday activities due to snow.

Similarly, denizens of Kanda, Dolichaur, Surma, Gadara among other human settlements in Bajhang and Dolpu, Kirami, Polu in Mugu are having issues with carrying out their daily chores such as cattle farming, foliage and fodder collection, and transportation of goods.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Nepalgunj, around 30 to 40 flights operating daily from Nepalgunj to Bajura, Humla, Jumla, Dolpa, Mugu have been cancelled since Tuesday morning due to snowy weather.

The operation of schools and government offices have also been affected due to the change in weather. Most of the schools in Bichchhyan area of Himali Rural Municipality's ward no. 1, 2 and 3 have been closed.