Helicopter rescues Bajura woman facing postpartum complications

BAJURA: A woman facing postpartum complications was rescued in a chartered helicopter from Swamikartik Rural Municipality, this morning.

Supari BK, 35, delivered her baby at 4 am on Sunday and faced complications soonafter childbirth as the placenta and the umbilical cord did not get discharged along with the baby.

According to Chairperson of Swamikartik Rural Municipality, Chiranjibi Shahi, the District Administration Office (DAO), on request of the rural municipality, requested the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens for a heli-rescue which was then arranged for by the Ministry.

Sappata Health Post Incharge Birja BK informed that it was a stillbirth case and the woman bled heavily post delivery. Her condition, however, is normal now. Further health investigations are being conducted to find the cause for her condition, following which she can receive further treatment.

As many as five women have died due to heavy bleeding during childbirth in Bajura, recently. Women still haven't been able to warm up to the idea of regular health check-up, especially during pregnancy, which often leads to such complications.