POKHARA: The government of Gandaki Province has decided to develop three hospitals in three districts as 'Highway Trauma Mobile Hospitals' which would immediately provide medical services to those injured in road accidents in the highways.

With around 2,000 people losing their lives and 4,000 being critically injured in road accidents in Nepal annually, of late, Gandaki Province government aims to make the roads in the province free of road-accident related deaths.

According to Prakash Raj Sharma, Information Officer at the Social Development Ministry in Gandaki Province, Damauli Hospital at Tanahu, Primary Health Centre at Waling, and Syangja and Tilar Health Centre at Dimuwa, Parbat would be developed into mobile hospitals under the first phase. The Ministry of Social Development has allocated Rs 15.5 million for this project.

He added that these mobile hospitals will have well-equipped ambulance with GPS fitted in it. He further stated that an MBBS graduate doctor, a nurse and a health assistant will be compulsorily deployed in the ambulance.

According to a study conducted by the World Health Organisation, about half of the causalities reported dead in road accidents in the country were because of lack of timely treatment.