Passengers will now have to pay minimum Rs 18 for using public vehicle


Hiked short-route transportation fare inside Bagmati province has come into effect from today.

With the increment in fare, passengers will now be charged minimum of Rs 18 for any public vehicle.

Succumbing to pressure exerted by transport entrepreneurs, the Bagmati Province government increased public transportation fares by 23 per cent in the province, including Kathmandu valley. As per the new rate, passengers will be required to pay Rs 18 for 0-5 km, Rs 23 for 0-10 km, Rs 27 for 0-15 km, Rs 30 for 0-20 km and Rs 35 for 20 + km in Kathmandu valley.

The ministry clarified that deluxe bus operators can also add 20 per cent to the standard fares. Likewise, bus operators can charge Rs five for every additional 10 kg of goods and baggage of passengers although they are required to transport luggage up to 15 kg for free.

The taxi fare, however, shall remain the same.

Earlier, the federal government had agreed to increase the fares of longroute public transport to be operated across provinces.

The fares of transport within a province had remained the same as it is the provincial government's jurisdiction.

In response to this, public transport operators had launched a strike around two weeks ago.

A version of this article appears in the print on October 19, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.