Himalayan honeybees decreasing

BENI: As the beehives of the Apis laboriosa bee known as Himalayan honeybees decreased gradually, production of honey too has come down in the recent days. The honey of the Himalayan honeybees is famous for its better taste and Ayurvedic importance.

Likewise, the practice of collecting the sweet stuff is dying out as the bees slowly become extinct.

It is said that the Apis laboriosa bee, the world’s largest bee, have started to migrate from their origins in Chimkhola, Ramche and Pakhapani in Myagdi district.

The gradual extinction of the Himalayan honeybee has made the locals much worried, Tirthaman Pun, a local of Chimkhola said. There used to be as many as 25 hives until some years ago but now there are only seven or eight hives, the honey hunter said.

Climate change and increased human activities are blamed for the gradual extinction of the Himalayan honeybee. Likewise, human interference and maximum use of chemical fertilisers also pose threats to the bees that mostly make their hives in the steep cliffs.

Locals said that the precious nectar of the Himalayan honeybee is also used as the medicine to cure the bones diseases as well as to increase the sex power.