Historic task


KATHMANDU: With the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal, 2015 our country is all set to enter a new era achieving decades old dreams.

Despite the failure of the first Constituent Assembly and infiltration of various unwanted factors against the promulgation of the main law of the land, our country has finally succeeded.

Constitution through the Constituent Assembly was a dream of the people and the nation although the Constitution is just a discipline of the power players. It has been imprinted on the minds of the people that prosperity has been delayed because of the absence of the Constitution.

The commitment of Nepali Congress, CPN UML and UCN Maoist changed the dream of promulgation of the Constitution into reality despite shortcomings and difficulties. Now all focus on implementation of the rules and laws inculcated in the Constitution for the betterment of the country.

Today we have the Constitution because few matured politicians including KP Sharma Oli, Sushil Koirala and Pushpa Kamal Dahal stepped up and made it possible. With the promulgation of the Constitution, our political fight must come to an end and the nation should concentrate on peace, political stability, economic prosperity and the rule of law because we have witnessed the loss of thousands of lives and the general public has gone through difficult times. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes again.

The leaders now should concentrate on making life easier for the people of the nation. They should address the issues plaguing the country for the last few decades.

“The promulgation of the Constitution is a historic task. We are lucky that we could see this moment but we should now focus on peace and prosperity in the days to come,” Constitutional lawyer Chandra Kanta Gyawali told THT Perspectives. “This was a litmus test for leaders and the people are waiting for economic development and for the nation to head towards opulence,” he added.