HLPM a ploy to topple government: Gachhadar

POKHARA: Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister for Physical Planning and Works Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar today accused the High-Level Political Mechanism of conspiring to topple the government rather than focusing on constitution-drafting process.

Addressing a function organised to mark the ninth district convention of the Nepal Construction Entrepreneurs Union Kaski in Pokhara, he said, ''Top leaders of political parties are busy in hatching conspiracies to topple the government.''

Advising political leaders to forget personal interests and draft the statute at the earliest, Gachhadar said top leaders of the big three should take the responsibility if the statute was not drafted within the stipulated time.

Gachhadar also outlined that the job of the top leaders was to provide logical conclusion to the peace process, draft the statute within the stipulated time and rehabilitate the Maoist combatants.

He also emphasised that the present government should draft the new statute.

Warning that the nation would disintegrate if issues of Madheshi people were neglected he said,'' My party is in favour of national unity and ethnic harmony.''

Stating that Prachanda was not capable enough to head the government he said,'' Sacking the erstwhile CoAS Rookmangad Katawal was his mistake.''

He also accepted that the government could not properly facilitate construction entrepreneurs, who have great role in the development. The two days long convention would end after electing new leadership.