Homeless, mentally challenged girl rescued from Baitadi's Khochlek Bazaar

BAITADI: Police have rescued a homeless and mentally challenged girl from Shrikot in Dogadakedar Rural Municipality in Baitadi district.

Police rescued the girl who appeared to be around 15 years of age and identified herself as Gita Bhatta.

Bhatta was found on the streets at Khochlek Bazaar on Tuesday, according to Assistant Sub Inspector Shyam Singh Mahara.

"She wore torn clothes. She could not exactly locate her birthplace. She sometimes said she was from Mahendranagar and other times from Darchula. She only laughed upon being asked her name and address," he said.

The rescued girl is in the care of the sage house of the Women and Children Office, Baitadi, said Inspector Kamal Bista, adding that the girl would be handed over to her family once they come in contact.