Hooch production increasing in Rautahat

Rautahat, January 30    

The authorities concerned have taken no action even though hooch is being produced openly in the border area of Rautahat and Bara districts.

Dozens of pubs are operating in Bramhapur and Laxmipur Belbichhaya of Raj Devi Municipality; Mahadevpatti, Tikuliya, Sisawa, Sapagadha and Jetharhiya of Yamunamai Rural Municipality; Dumariya, Judibela, Gaindatar and Tokantole of Chandrapur Municipality; Aauraiya of Ishanath Municipality; Banjarha, Mathiya, Mahuliya, Bankul, among other places of Rautahat district.

A local at Gaur, Ram Lal Das, said the local administration, police and other authorities concerned didn’t bother to  take any action against these illegal pubs.

Similarly, pubs are also operating in Paterwa and Bhagawanpur of Pachharauta Municipality; Kocharwa, Khajani Piparpati and Beldari of Simroaungadh Municipality and various places of  Nijgadh.

A local of Kocharwa Batahun Yadav said the number of pub operators had increased owing to the apathy shown by the authorities concerned.

Production and consumption of hooch was banned in Bihar state of India’s one-and-a-half-years ago. Yadav said people from Bihar reached the pubs and consumed alcohol there and engaged in illegal activities. “Criminal activities would be reduced if such illegal pubs were banned,” said Yadav.

Meanwhile, SP Kedar Dhakal of Rautahat District Police Office claimed that police were working very hard to control the sale and production of hooch at the local levels. SP Dhakal added that police needed cooperation in this regard and locals also had to show interest in banning hooch.