Hooch supply across border on the rise

Rajbiraj, June 12

Illegal supply of liquor from Nepal to Indian towns through the border points in Saptari has increased of late.

It is said illegal supply of liquor across the border has increased due to the ban the government of Bihar has placed on buying and selling of liquor.

A large number of liquor shops have been opened on the Nepal side of the border targeting Indian customers in Dasgaja area.

According to locals, liquor is exported to Indian towns on bicycle, motorbikes and carts. “We see a large number of carts being used to export liquor from  Gobargadha border point of Hanumannanagar Kankalini Municipality in Saptari,” said Ram Bharosha Yadav, a local.  According to him, a carrier is paid Rs 500 for exporting a carton of liquor from the Nepali market to Indian towns.

Illegal supply of liquor has also increased at Pato border point. “More than 100 cartons of liquor is smuggled from the border point using Indian number plate motorbikes and bicycles,” said locals.

Though security personnel are trying to control the illegal supply, they have not been successful in doing so. “Illegal supply of liquor has posed a security threat at the border points,” said Sukhram Yadav, chairperson of civil society.

Meanwhile, Saptari Police chief SP Mukesh Kumar Singh claimed that they were trying their best to control illegal supply of liquor in coordination with the provincial government.