Hoof-and-mouth disease breaks out in Ramechhap

Ramechhap, January 23

Hoof-and-mouth disease, a type of transmissible disease seen among cattle, has gripped Remechhap of late.

First reported only in Manthali Municipality, the outbreak has lately spread to adjoining local bodies, namely Ramechhap Municipality and Khandadevi Rural Municipality.  As per a rough data, 20 cattle have so far died while hundreds are said to be down with the outbreak in Manthali municipality. Manthali has been worst-hit by the outbreak.

“Almost all cattle in the municipality have been afflicted by the outbreak that causes symptoms such as foaming, fever, debility and rashes on the tongue, and loss of appetite,” said a local.

Manthali Municipality livestock technician Rohani Chapagain confirmed the outbreak in the municipality. In view of the outbreak, the municipality has launched a vaccination campaign to contain the contagion. As per the drive, over 2,000 cattle have been vaccinated so far.

While veterinary experts wonder at the rare phenomenon of the outbreak of a disease in winter that normally breaks out in the summer; the locals are terrified as the disease has spread in such a larger scale.

The disease, locally known as Khoret, is an infectious and sometimes fatal viral disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals.