Chulachuli (Ilam), December 24:

The Maoists’ hospital set up in the first division camp of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) at the main cantonment site in Chulachuli of Ilam has run out of medicines, including paracetamol and saline water.

The hospital has no MBBS doctor, nor is it supported by the government. It is being run with the help of health workers who were close to the CPN-Maoist during their 10-year-old people’s war.

Hospital chief GB (who wanted to be identified with only initials) said: “There are altogether 12 health workers, including nurses and assistant health workers (AHW).” He said the hospital has 24-hour emergency service and an Out Patient Department (from 8 am to 12). “A few days ago, Jhapa District Public Health Office (DPHO) promised to send an AHW. We have urged the DPHO to send a MBBS doctor at least thrice a week,” said GB.

“There are different kinds of patients in the cantonment. However, they cannot be cured only by medical check-ups,” said division brigadier Nishan, adding that the government has not yet decided about the PLA personnel’s treatment process.

“When PLA soldiers started falling sick, the local camp management office sent some medicines. But, that was not sufficient,” said GB. “An agreement was reached between the Jhapa DPHO chief and Maoist division commander to send an AHW daily from 10 am to 2 pm to the camp. However, the agreement is not being followed,” he said.

It is the government which should have set up a heath post in the camp, PLA soldiers lamented. “Now, we have our own hospital. So, the government should at least provide medicines and medical equipment,” GB said, adding that health workers in the cantonment are also providing mobile health service.