Hospital not in operation due to lack of budget, electricity

SAPTARI: Eastern Regional Police Thakodevi Jogendra Bhagat Hospital in Rupani Rural Municipality of Saptari district, which was inaugurated two years ago, is yet to begin operation after failing to manage the budget to bear the operating costs and lack of electricity.

Jogendra Bhagat of Rajbiraj-3 had provided two bigaha and five kattha land (with total value of Rs 100 million) and a three-storey building built there, to the Nepal Police in order to run the hospital which was inaugurated by the then IGP Upendra Kanta Aryal.

However, the hospital, which was established to offer health facilities to local folks and police, has been unable to do so due to lack of budget and electricity according to land donor Bhagat.

Speaking during the press-meet organised on hospital premises on Friday, Rupani Rural Municipality's Chairperson Harey Ram Yadav lamented on the hospital failing to operate despite having manpower and all the essential medical equipment. "The hospital is located at the highway; we see a lot of accidents but we cannot even provide treatment to the injured people. The infrastructures are being wasted," said Yadav.

He informed that his rural municipality had submitted Rs 250,000 to Nepal Electricity Authority, however, failing to manage the budget for other essential electrical equipment has kept the hospital in darkness.

Meanwhile, hospital in-charge Dr Ashok Giri said that he and his team have no other choice but to stay without work despite having all the infrastructures and medical equipment ready. Currently, there is a team of 27 staff at the hospital, including two doctors and one staff nurse who have been dispatched to the hospital.

Land donor Bhagat rued on hospital infrastructures and land being wasted. "I provided such a costly land and building, but Nepal Police headquarters not showing enough concern has made me sad," said Bhagat.