Hospitals face scarcity of medicine as snakebite cases up in Rautahat

RAUTAHAT: Like every past year, snakebite has haunted Rautahat district this summer too.

As the number of snakebite victims is increasing day by day, hospitals and clinics are running short of anti-snake venom needed to cure the victims.

The Gaur-based District Hospital said as many as 11 victims of snakebite visited the Hospital till afternoon on Wednesday.

The Hospital's Emergency Ward In-Charge Praveen Jha said most of the victims are from rural areas of the district including Saruatha, Auraiya, Dharampur and Mahamadpur.

The health worker added that most villagers fall prey to the snakebite while they go out to toilet as most settlements there do not have toilets inside.

Last month, two patients had died of snakebite in the district, he added.

Jha said the District Hospital treated around 500 snakebite victims in last three and half months.

Citing insufficiency of anti-snake venom, Jha said the Hospital may out of stock if the concerned authority fails to supply more medicines soon.