Hoteliers earn fortune as hundreds of tourists reach Rara

MUGU: Hotels near the Rara Lake in Mugu district have almost won a lottery these days as the influx of domestic tourists has increased.

Around 300 domestic tourists come to visit the biggest lake of Nepal by airways and roadways via Dailekh, Kalikot and Jumla on a daily basis, according to local entrepreneurs.

Nepal is currently celebrating the Nepali year 2073 as 'Ghumphir Barsha' (Travel Year).

The hotels in the area have installed many features including fast internet, electricity, boating and cycling packages to lure more tourists here.

A canteen of the Rara National Park, local Danphe Hotel and Rara Village Resort have been housing many of the tourists, the RNP Chief Mohan Chandra Biswokarma said.

Following the crunch of residence, tourists have sought shelters at hotels around the Rara Airport, district headquarters Gamgadhi and Majhghat, the RNP Chief added.

As the weather has started turning chilly, travel and tour agencies have advised Rara-bound tourists to carry warm clothes with them.