Hotline service for the treatment of all diseases in Dharan

DHARAN: With health facilities closing the outgoing patient department to prevent possible transmission of the coronavirus in Dahran, Hatemalo Foundation has launched a hotline service with the view to providing treatment and counseling service to normal patients.

According to a foundation set up the doctors of Dharan, complaints received over the hotline will be resolved over the phone itself. “In case of the complaints that can’t be resolved over the phone, we will reach the patients’ homes and provide them necessary treatment,” said the foundation’s spokesperson Dr. Bhupendra Sah.

“Besides, people can also present their problems to us via our Hatemalo Foundation page on the Facebook and get our counseling over the same platform,” he added.

It is important to note that the foundation has been organizing free health camps at places with little access to health services.

Foundation chairperson Dr. Indra Limbu hoped that the hotline will be helpful for the patients. “We are a team of 30/40 doctors related to various departments. We’ve launched the hotline keeping in view the ease of the patients and the pressure of the hospital (BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences) otherwise,” said Dr. Limbu.

Information about the hotline

hatemalo helpline

  • 1medicine 9824307626
  • 2 surgery 9849583845
  • 3 paediatrics 9849583844
  • 4 gynaecology 9824307614
  • 5 orthopedics 9824305465
  • 6 ENT 9824305474
  • 7 dermatology 9824305427
  • 8 psychiatry 9824305503
  • 9 opthalmology 9824305468
  • 10 dental 9824305519