House plans to enact new laws

Kathmandu, May 31:

The House of Representatives is working to enact new laws that will uphold the historic proclamation of May 18. The House also plans to amend the existing laws to make them compatible with the historic proclamation.

The government has been doing homework on how to exercise the powers assumed by the House of Representatives on May 18. The proclamation gives the HoR the authority to exercise all powers.

According to the 1990 Constitution, promulgation and amendment of the laws could take place only after the bills were endorsed by the National Assembly and the king. Only after the endorsement by the Upper House and fixing of the royal seal by the king could any bill become a law.

“Now that the endorsement of the Upper House is no more necessary, the Lower House will pass all the bills,” Speaker of the House of Representatives Subhas Chandra Nemwang told The Himalayan Times today.

“Since the House has declared itself the supreme body and announced it will exercise all legislative powers, the House will enact the laws.”

The Regulation of the House of Representatives, which is expected to be endorsed by the House soon, will come up with provisions governing the endorsement of the bills. According to the earlier provision, the fixing of the royal seal was necessary to turn every bill into a law.

“There is no confusion about the redundant status of the Upper House as per the declaration of the Lower House on May 18,” said Upper House MP Radheshyam Adhikary. “Though it is ‘almost dead’, the seven-party alliance must formally decide to dissolve the Upper House, which still has 19 members.” A source at the Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs said it has begun making preparations for drafting of urgent bills.

Attorney-General Yagyamurti Banjade said his office has recommended the government to amend certain laws to make them compatible with the House proclamation.

Banjade said it would be better to enact a Special Act for the procedure governing the endorsement of any bill.