Houses submerged

Mahendranagar, July 16 :

Incessant rain from early morning today submerged almost all the parts of Mahendranagar municipality.

The areas including Majdurtole of Bhagatpur, Jagannathtole of Aiupur, Annadatole, Barkunda, Rajipur, Bramhadev, Jimuwa, Tilakpur are more affected by the continuous rain, police and locals said.

The locals, meanwhile, went to the Mahendranagar municipality office in the morning to complain aagainst its indifference towards their request for management of proper drainage system in the municipality.

A group of about 50 locals, who had reached the municipality office, warned of staging a protest programme if the problem of faulty drainage system and inundation was not solved at the earliest.

People living in kutchha houses have left their homes for safety, locals said.

The areas near Bhagatpur and Salghari are being inundated by nearby rivers, said police, adding that water-logging has caused much difficulty in movement in Bramnadev bazaar.

Flood in the Gautadi river has submerged in Gautadi River ten houses, said president of the town committee of Nepal Tarun Dal, Keshav Chand.