BHAKTAPUR: Issuing of new licenses for the +2 colleges and the campuses to run classes of higher secondary level has been stopped by the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) effective from this year.

According to HSEB member secretary Ram Bahadur Khadka HSEB had blocked licenses to new campuses and +2 colleges as Nepal government has launched new policies to upgrade the secondary schools up to higher secondary and withdrawn the intermediate level from TU.

He added that the higher secondary schools that have been running plus two colleges should start with the 1-10 classes by 2070 and if they fail meet the criteria their license would be scrapped.

Earlier the HSEB used to provide licenses to the Tribhuvan University affiliated campuses to run classes of the higher secondary level till last year.

130 campuses and 160 plus 2 colleges have been issued permission for running plus two programmes so far.