ID card distribution to poor households begins in Dhangadi Sub-metropolitan City

Dhangadi, July 20

Dhangadi Sub-metropolitan City has started distributing identity cards to the poor households of all 19 wards in the sub-metropolis.

Distribution of cards started after Mayor Nrip Bahadur Wad provided red ID card to Gangadevi Koli (extremely poor), yellow ID card to Mainadevi Chaudhary(medium poor) and blue ID card to Sahabir Chauhardy (poor) from freed Kamaiya camp today. Wad said state facilities would be provided on the basis of ID cards distributed by the government.

Wad said ward secretaries and people deployed for the ID card distribution were given training on how to solve the problem that might arise during ID card distribution.

Gangadevi asked the government to provide them with facilities on the basis of ID cards. “The procedure to get state facility should be made hassle-free,” Gangadevi said.

According to administrative officer Surendra Singh Karki at Dhangadi Sub-metropolis office, ID cards would be distributed to 5,885 families. Of them, 2,858 are extremely poor, 1,837 medium poor and 1,290 poor.

ID cards are being distributed to the people living in abject poverty in eight districts as a pilot project.