‘Identify new areas for tax collection’

Sunsari, October 11

Minister for Finance Gyanendra Bahadur Karki today directed all the departments and officials  concerned to be strict in revenue collection.

Speaking at an interaction after making an inspection visit to Eastern Regional Revenue Investigation Department in Itahari today, Minister Karki said the government was preparing a new policy to incorporate wide areas of revenue collection so as to make the country prosperous.

Minister Karki said that there were abundant prospects of making the country self reliant through Inland Revenue. He also stressed on the need of identifying new areas which could be brought under the tax net.

Meanwhile, Revenue Investigation Department Eastern Regional Unit Head Jaya Kumar Bhandari underscored the need for controlling revenue leakage from various border points in eastern part of the country.

Bhandari stressed on the importance of study and research on tax system, and urged staffers of tax and revenue offices to work honestly.