Illegal crusher industry shut in Bajura


Bajura District Administration has shut a crusher plant operating illegally near the Bahulikhola in Badimalika Municipality.

Earlier, this daily had carried a news report about a crusher plant operating near the river without permission.

According Chief District Officer Krishna Gaihre, the plant was shut after it was found to be operating without permission and flouting all criteria.

“One must have official permission to run crusher plants, and again they must have conducted environment impact assessment.

The plant operating on the river not only lacked permission but was also found to be operating without conducting any environment impact assessment,” Gaihre said.

The crusher plant was operated by Dhulikhel-Galbha Seven Sector JV, a company entrusted with the black-topping the 9-km stretch of the Martadi-Kolti road. Interestingly, though the illegal plant was operating in the headquarters for the past one year, no one was bothered.

Locals accused Badimalika Municipality, District Coordination Committee and the District Administration of simply turning a blind eye to the illegal plant. They fear the plant could pose risk to the bridge over the river, nearby settlements and farmland.

Badimalika Mayor Padam Baduwal and ward 8 Chairperson of Badimalika Municipality Prakash Rawal disavowed any knowledge of the crusher plant operating without permission.

Dhulikhel Galbha Seven Sector JV representative Dipendra Shahi admitted the company was yet to acquire permission to run the crusher plant on the river. “We have applied to the municipality for permission. It is under process, maybe,” Shahi said.