Dhangadi, January 2

Minister of Information, Technology and Communications, Gokul Baskota has clarified that he is not at all against press freedom’

Inaugurating a newly-built building of Federation of Nepalese Journalists in Kailali’s Dhangadi today, the minister described himself as someone working for the press and its freedom.

“There are some people spreading rumours about me, depicting me as against the press and harbouring the malicious intention of destroying press freedom, but these are baseless allegations, levelled by skeptics,” he argued.

“The government in general, and me as the minister in particular, are committed to emboldening the press and freedom of the press, so I don’t see any reason why people doubt each step of the government,” said the minister.

“But we must also remember that if we want to ensure free press, it entails that pressmen do their job with full sincerity, and honesty” he hastened to add. Further, the minster also dwelt on various programmes and packages that the government is introducing targeting the media and mediapersons in the near future.